Touching Up with Kosette's USB Mini Hair Iron

Last Friday I did two things slightly out of character. First, I actually blow-dried and straightened my hair before work instead of throwing it up in its usual top-knot. Second, I paid money for a ticket to go out somewhere with friends. It was one of those parties that doesn’t reveal the address until like an hour before it starts and as I was getting off work I saw that it was right around the block, which sounds convenient but seeing that I had a few hours to kill between work and play, the plan was to fix my hair and face and change outfits in Brooklyn before heading back to Koreatown. (Why can’t “cool” parties just start at 10 PM?) Throughout this progression my full-sized straightener filled the length of my bag between boroughs for only a few touch-ups.

I spent at least a few moments over the course of the workday eyeing Kosette x UNIX’s Multi 2.0 USB Mini Hair Iron, thinking about how much easier packing my fake Prada bag would’ve been if I had one, but as with anything that is a “mini” version of another tool, I wondered if it was capable of delivering the results I was looking for. So I decided to find out. 

Today I woke up early to shower and give my hair a full-hearted blow dry and a half-hearted straighten before tossing my finishing spray in my bag for later and heading to work. Between the wind, the collar of my jacket and the commute from Queens to Koreatown, my hair was far from the sleek Shiv Roy look I aim for by the time I got to work: a perfect opportunity to let the USB Mini Hair Iron do what it does best, touch-ups.

It heated quickly and became hot enough to burn my finger, but not a sign of burning or steam when I began using it on my hair. I focused on achieving smooth ends and straightening out the volume of my roots. Volume is something my hair rarely lacks naturally, so I didn’t use the Mini’s (included) volume attachment, but the warm, rounded ceramic plate on the iron’s outside edge did leave my ends more uniform than even my full-size straightener at home is capable of doing. Furthermore, the iron’s small size allowed me to get closer to my roots to achieve the smooth look I was going for. 

I have extremely thick hair and little patience when it comes to styling it, so I wouldn’t recommend using the mini to do your entire straightening routine if you’re anything like me; however, if you have less or thinner hair and/or more patience and time than me, I think it would definitely be up to the task. Even though it is small, it can heat up to 339° F with the included charging cord and wall adapter. Plugged into a computer or another power source, the iron may not reach peak heat, but will work nonetheless. 


The most important thing to note is that the Multi 2.0 USB Mini Hair Iron isn’t USB-chargeable but rather USB-connectable — compatible with micro-USB chargers. It won’t hold power on its own, but can be plugged into USB charging ports in your computer, car or even on a flight. Or, if you have access to a traditional wall-outlet, the Kosette Mini Hair Iron makes for an adaptable and convenient on-the-go option for styling and touching-up hair when you’re short on space and time.  

In 3 months you can catch me in my car at Bonnaroo in Tennessee achieving perfectly coiffed hair thanks to the Kosette x Unix USB Mini Hair Iron, available at Anthropologie, PacSun, Urban Outfitters, our online store and at Kosette Beauty Market located in Koreatown.

Purchase yours here, available in Ivory and Baby Blue!